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I Bridge

The temporary lane

The finances of your company are like the A100 in Berlin or the A3 near Cologne. Busy. Very challenging even during normal operation.

But what if part of your lane is missing? What if part of your roadway needs to be renewed or repaired and you don't have the capacity or the know-how to do it? What if you have taken over another company - or you have even been taken over yourself - and all of a sudden a whole new road network has to be designed and built as a result?

In all of these situations, you cannot afford to block the roads in your finances. You need a temporary lane that will allow you to continue driving. Sometimes you also need a temporary roadway, which acts as a temporary solution parallel to the new roadway and keeps traffic moving and avoids traffic jams. The temporary solution is always best for you when the temporary lane can be used at the end by simply sliding it parallel to the newly created paths and bridges and placing it on top. That is my goal as Interim Manager.

What is it about me?

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What I bridge


As an interim manager, I will bridge a vacancy in the first or second management level in finance. The bridge technology I use has been tested and approved over decades. You can rely on my bridge to stand firm even in stronger winds and not let you down.

In order to compensate for movements of forces that will affect our bridge construction, I bring enough transition constructions and suitable flexible bearings with me. In this way, the various forces that will act on our bridge are absorbed and cushioned in a swinging and sliding manner.

Expert Need

In finance departments, there are always topics and projects that require expert knowledge. You yourself will be measured in your function by the result. In the end, it doesn't matter whether you and your team don't have the know-how yourself at the moment or whether you can't fall back on your know-how due to a lack of capacity or overload.

During the digital transformation, I will support you in strategy development, designing your road map, coaching you, your colleagues and employees, and practical implementation.

I will help you to cover your need for know-how with a high level of technical expertise and decades of project experience. You will benefit from everything that I have experienced and seen in our field – finance – over the past three decades. And believe me, that's beyond imagination. From the small one-man business, the medium-sized family business, leading internationally active stock exchange companies to being part of the world's largest auditing company.

Merger Integration

Your company has bought another company. Or your company now has a new owner. Anyway. When choosing the word of the year, 'integration' will definitely be at the top of your list. And there is so much to do. From looking at the big picture and keeping it sharp, to having lots of one-on-one conversations with all sorts of people. People you know well, people who are new and people who now want to take a different path than you do.

If your company has a new owner and possibly also against an international background, many things in your area are often questioned, adjusted and, as we like to say, brought 'in line'. Here, too, it runs through again, from small branches to large trees. From charts of accounts that are to be imposed all at once, system integrations, new reporting structures that are to be implemented and filled with content as quickly as possible, through to daily coordination with the new colleagues in the parent company.

In all of these cases, as an interim manager, I will help you through the imponderables and provide you with active support. You benefit from all my decades of experience in this field. Whether national or international with, for example, companies in the USA, Malaysia, Japan, England, France or Italy. I have accompanied and implemented many of these processes. You can rely on me, my experience and my dealings with people in this turbulent situation.


 I help 

Dr. Alexander Reinhart

Born in 1970, auditor, tax consultant, systemic trainer and executive coach. From 1990 to 1995 I studied business administration and economic sociology [Diplom-Kaufmann (Univ.)] at the University of Augsburg. In 1998 I did my doctorate at the University of Augsburg with Prof. Dr. dr H. c. multi. Adolf G. Coenenberg on the subject of the effects of converting accounting to International Accounting Standards (IAS) on the economic analysis of annual financial statements.

From 1995 - 2001 I was authorized signatory at Arthur Andersen WPG StGB mbH in Munich. In 1999 I passed the tax consultant exam, in 2000 the exam to become a chartered accountant (Wirtschaftsprüfer). I have been a freelancer since 2001. I completed the one-year training courses to become a systemic trainer (Univ.) and a strategic coach (Univ.), both at the University of Augsburg. I also completed training as a 'Certified Digital Transformation Manager' and 'Certified Blended Learning Trainer'.

 My greatest passion is sport. HC 12.2, MTB, tennis, FC Augsburg.

At a glance

MBA (Diplom-Kaufmann)

CPA (Wirtschaftsprüfer)

Tax Consultant

Strategic Coach (Univ.)

Systemic Trainer (Univ.) 

Certified Digital Transformation Manager

Certified Blended Learning Trainer

Tennis Coach

 A few of 

My Achievements

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Years of experience

Consultant hours

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Years of experience

Successful projects

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Years of experience

Years of work experience


Outstanding technical expertise as the foundation of my bridges


  • Technical and disciplinary management responsibility for the areas of finance, accounting, bookkeeping, asset accounting, consolidation, purchasing
  • Planning, conception and implementation of (large) projects in the commercial area as well as IT projects in connection with the commercial area
  • Personnel planning and development, control of applicant management
  • Contact person for internal stakeholders (management, shareholders, family) as well as external tax consultants and auditors.

Finance and accounting

  • Creation and responsibility for financial accounting, consolidation and asset accounting as well as group accounting according to HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP
  • Preparation of consolidated monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements according to HGB, IFRS and US GAAP including the respective external and internal reporting
  • Creation and optimization of monthly reporting
  • Control of debtor management including legal consequences
  • Clarification of tax issues, preparation and coordination of monthly tax returns and annual tax returns
  • Conversion of accounting to IFRS
  • Development of finance and reporting as well as the conception of accounting guidelines (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP), also in the context of international post-merger integrations
  • Responsibility, design, implementation of change of legal form, including European stock corporation SE.


  • Budget creation, management and forecasting
  • Creation and responsibility of investment and liquidity planning including monitoring
  • Creation of and responsibility for short, medium and long-term corporate planning


  • Analysis of business processes and figures as well as derivation and implementation of appropriate optimization measures
  • Optimization, standardization, digitization and automation of commercial processes, reporting structures and reports

Digital Transformation

  • Development of digital vision for finance
  • Questioning, adapting and aligning business models in the financial sector
  • Development of digitization strategy
  • Definition and specification of concrete digitization goals
  • Application of models to implement the digital transformation
  • Design and development of digital roadmap
  • Evaluation of new / necessary technologies
  • Design of cooperation with IT department
  • Determination of prioritization and structuring of important topics in relation to digitization in the financial sector
  • Development of a uniform definition of digitization in the financial sector
  • Definition of responsibilities, decision-making processes and clear regulations
  • Naming and promoting digital skills of employees

Compliance and Risk Management

  • Development, analysis, testing, optimization and documentation of compliance and risk management systems as well as internal control systems, implementation of SOX
  • Design and implementation of risk management guidelines

Training and coaching

  • Bundled in the CFO Academy Dr. Reinhart
  • Conception and implementation of technical and leadership training courses for board members, managing directors, supervisory boards and executives
  • Executive coaching of board members, managing directors, executives and auditors

IT skills

  • High IT affinity (e.g. IT trainer during studies for IBM and DEKRA)
  • DATEV, MS Office, MS Project, Adobe Connect, GoToWebinar / GoToMeeting, Webex, Zoom, Teams (expert knowledge). SAP FI, CO, BO-FC, Lotus Notes (profound knowledge)

 What you'll get 

Personal Cornerstones

  • Unconventional

  • Fearless

  • Empathetic

  • Sportsmanship

For me, unconventional means thinking differently, acting differently and, above all, looking for other ways to achieve the goal we are striving for together. This also includes being open to unusual solutions and trusting yourself to follow them as a path. For me, unconventional doesn't mean hara-kiri.


Mother tongue German

Port Townsend High School, Washington State, USA, graduaded class of 1987 + countless international projects = English very fluent and communicative

 Italian: more than basic knowledge


 grow your skills 

Two publication high lights

With almost three decades of bridge building in between
The CFO in the digital transformation - personal success factors

2021. The role of CFO is very complex and diverse. I provide you with countless information, details, suggestions, models and thoughts so that you can actively develop strategies for yourself and your professional life.

The effects of accounting according to IAS on the economic analysis of German annual financial statements

1998. Knowledge applied and implemented in countless projects does not go away.

How it Works?


You call

You call and describe to me your situation, the needs to be overcome and what thoughts you have.


We agree

If it suits us both, we will find a quick start for our common path.


We succeed

Your success and the success of your business is the main goal. We will both benefit from it.

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